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Your Process

  • After deciding to get a piece commissioned, make sure that you like a particular style I've used 
  • Have a budget in mind and allow that a one-of tailored, specialized piece will be significantly higher than a painting that belongs to a body of work that was all completed in the same time frame (not to mention trips to art supply stores, research, meetings with you, etc.)
  • Compile a list of questions that you would like to ask
  • If the piece will be for a certain area of your home, provide the artist with an idea of the style and take photos so I can understand how this piece with fits with your aesthetic.
  • Consider why you want the piece:
    • are you in your silver years and want an original piece to be handed down? 
    • Do you want an autobiographical piece that showcases artistically who you are and where you've come from? 
    • Do you want a gift for the person you love who has everything already?
    • Maybe you've commissioned several pieces already and want to add to your collection 
  • Decide on a painting or a 3-dimensional object
  • Decide if you want Karen to have carte blanche and surprise you or do you want to establish a loose set of criteria that outlines expectations: 
    • time frame of when to pick up the finished product or have it shipped
    • preferences of media (acrylic only or mixed media, etc.), colour range or subject matter
  • Decide if you would like the option of having a Stat-to-Finish video made of your piece and /or the story of my process in written form (additional cost applies)

  • Contact me for an Artist Consultation and we will work out the details.

  • I draft up a contract (time-frames, price, with applicable expenses associated with creating the piece, and payment terms which is 40% non-refundable down payment via e-transfer or credit card, approval process, artist maintains the rights of the usage of the piece, etc.)

  • Artist Rights-this means that the buyer isn't allowed to copy the artwork onto products, make prints, etc. in order to make a profit. It means that the artist will always have the digital copy which can be used for promotional purposes and prints.

  • You make the down payment
  • You pick up or receive your creation in the mail
  • You enjoy your new piece as part of your permanent collection.

Karen's Process

After our initial consultation, I determine if it's advantageous for both of us to have me do a site visit. Depending on the subject matter, this can greatly support me in seeing the dynamic in your space...either with others or your environment both inside or the area you live in. This understandably can add great cost to your final product (travel expenses, time for traveling, meeting with you, etc.) so it is always discussed in advance and again, isn't always required.

I work best with carte blanche meaning that I absorb everything from our consultation, then start my process (research, asking you for reference materials if needed, finalizing supplies, drafting out a design, then completing the commission). 

I don't set up approval times with you while I am in the creative will see the piece once it's finished (either at pick-up time or prior to shipping). Based on my organic style, viewing a creation halfway through is meaningless for you and stress-inducing for me

I understand this can be nerve-wracking as a buyer so it's good to know upfront.

I create the piece then show you via online video or when you come to pick it up in person.

I bill you the second payment which is due prior to transfer.

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