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Altered Tambourines (Sold)

Indigenous Series

All My Relations

American Southwest

Traveling Romani Series

Part of my Austrian heritage includes Romani peoples. Formerly known as Gypsies, they traveled from parts of India throughout Europe and the world. My Great-Great-Great grandparents were wealthy and a Romani baby was left on their doorstep. They raised her and my father framed her original official birth certificate documentation listing her ancestry. I did a lot of research into Romani folklore through about a dozen books in preparation for this series. 

The series consists of 2 parts: Talismans and Romani Life...rituals, musical culture, traveling in vargos (caravans), and at rest. 

Romani Talismans 

Talismens for Prosperity

Talismans for Wealth

Talismans for Health

Romani Life 

Rom Wedding

Rom Mystique




Rom Vargo

Rom Red Vargo

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