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"The Innocents" Series (Sold)

This series was produced over a span of 4 years. For a majority of my paintings, I build up many layers of backgrounds (between 10-16) then wait until 'something' appears. I chalk it in then develop the painting. This series was a form of healing and reclaiming my cut-off indigenous roots. Eventually, the images stopped showing up in my painting backgrounds. 

While there are approximately 2 dozen of my paintings hanging in corporate or small business settings, the top 3 on the upper right are currently part of Peace Hills Trust's permanent collection (Canada's premiere First Nations bank chain). One of the Innocents paintings were Peace Hills Trust's 2011 Christmas Card collection (Honourable Mention in teh 2011 First Nations Artist Contest).

Limited edition prints are available. Please contact me for a quote (prices vary depending on substrate, size, hardware, etc.)

Cozy Innocents weblg.jpg
Heavenly Innocents - Low Res.jpg
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